Who we are

Power Diamonds is a branch of Euclid Techlabs, LLC.  Power Diamonds specific focus is on growth, characterization of advanced single crystal diamond structures as well as on design and fabrication of diamond-based devices for energy, space, defense, and medical applications. Our parent company, Euclid Techlabs is a leader in advanced materials and technology for beam physics and RF applications.

The branch has been working in R&D for cutting edge diamond technology applications. We combine the efforts of leading science and technology experts to create innovative solutions. Power Diamonds focuses on design and development of advanced solutions, based on HPHT and CVD diamond, which open the way to dramatic step changes in process and end-product performance.

Our main products are:

  • Design and development customized MPE CVD Reactors for delta-doped Diamond structures
  • Diamond-based High temperature High Frequency power electronics devices (FET and diodes)
  • Radiation-hardened electronics
  • Diamond-based particle tracking detectors
  • Refractive lenses for beam physics and X-ray optics
  • Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) Films for cathodes and SRF Technology
  • Electronic grade diamond plates
  • Superconducting diamond films

We have a long history of successful collaborations in engineering development and experiments at US DoE and DoD National Labs including ANL, BNL, Fermilab, LBL, LANL, Jefferson lab, NRL, and MIT Lincoln Lab. In addition, we collaborate on the cutting-edge R&D problems with academic investigators from top USA and Foreign Universities (Stanford, Berkley, University of Maryland, George Washington University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Illinois Institute of Technology, etc.). we also offer training and research environments for students.